Monday, July 14, 2014

Temporary Tattoos: Making Your Kit a Whole Lot Cooler!

Why You Should Be Using Temporary Tattoos in Your Face Painting Business
Available in grocery store vending machines and on the toy aisle, temporary tattoos have long been worn and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. These harmless, short-term body decorations offer all the fun of a tattoo without any of the pain or long-term consequences of getting inked. Whether you run a face-painting business or do occasional body art at your children's birthday parties, temporary tattoos can make a great addition to your face-paint arsenal.

What Are Temporary Tattoos Anyway?

True to their name, temporary tattoos are a type of body art that is designed to last for only a short time. These tattoos may be applied in a variety of ways. Many consumers are familiar with temporary tattoos that are transferred directly to the skin from a piece of paper. This type of body art is made up of a layer of paper, a decoration on a silicone release layer and a thin layer of transfer film. While this type of temporary tattoo is very popular, it's not the only available option. temporary tattoo kits include stamps and special, non-toxic inks to create designs on the body. These designs last about as long as other temporary tattoos but can be customized. Talented face-painting artists can embellish designs using temporary body ink. The LaDot Temporary Tattoo Kit even offers rhinestones to add a special, finishing touch to temporary body art creations. You can also pair body glitters with temporary tattoos for an even more dazzling look or to tie multiple temporary tattoos together.

Adding Temporary Tattoos to Your Face-Paint Arsenal

If you're a face painter catering to clients at festivals, fairs, dances and parties, temporary tattoos can add a little something extra to your current offerings. A variety of temporary tattoo stamps are available so that your clients can choose from many different designs. Instead of feeling inhibited by the simple designs, use them as a base to create your own unique artwork around the extra level of detail and precision the temporary tattoo offers. After all, a simple flower or star tattoo will save you time with the core of your piece and can be turned into something even more stunning with additional effort.

Durability can be a concern with all face and body painting situations. LA Dot temporary tattoo kit is also a favorite because the designs are waterproof. This means kids can have all day fun in the sun or splashing in the pool while keeping their great detailed designs until they are ready to remove them that evening or possibly longer if well taken care of.

A temporary tattoo kit is also a great choice if you'll be working a high-traffic event. Striking body art complete with glitter and rhinestones can be completed in just a few minutes, allowing you to work with more clients and enjoy greater profits. Using your own artistic skills to dress up temporary tattoo designs is one of the best ways to increase your work capacity while still satisfying your clients.
Using Temporary Tattoos at Home and for Fun

Of course, temporary tattoo kits aren't just for professional face painters. Maybe you only paint faces at casual, friendly gatherings or birthday parties. Temporary tattoos are just as easy to use at home as they are in a professional setting. Consider offering temporary body art at a birthday party or summer gathering to keep kids occupied.

Many teens also love using temporary tattoos before dances and special events. With a basic tattoo kit and some body glitter, you can create homecoming body art with school colors or design beautiful body art for prom. You're only limited by your creativity, so take time to play with your temporary tattoo kit and discover everything it offers.

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