Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best Halloween Face-Painting Ideas for 2014

What makes Halloween a truly special holiday? Many would be immediately tempted to answer

“candy!” But couldn’t the same be said of Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any series of special occasions? We believe that the real treat is getting to dress up in costume for a few hours, and for a brief period slip into a character outside your everyday self. Instead of masks that can get uncomfortable or obscure a costumed child's vision during trick-or-treating, try face painting this season. Drugstore and department store cosmetics aren't the same as face paint and lack the brilliant color that makes a face painting into a work of art, so get prepared early by practicing your look with professional paints. If you're stumped for ideas, try one of these hot trends in Halloween face painting for 2014.

The Traditional Witch

Everyone remembers that first glimpse of the Wicked Witch of the West's grim green face after Dorothy lands in Oz, and witch face painting is one of the easiest looks to try at home. Start with a base coat of green face paint on all exposed skin. Add depth and character to the witchy look with shades of black and purple around the eyes and accent the lips with a darker green or black. To create the illusion of a witch-like crooked nose or a sharp chin, blend a bit of white along areas you want to highlight and use a darker green to create shadows. Finish with a fright wig and a pointed hat, and you're set.

This look works especially well with group designs too. You can create a coven of witches with friends or go with a full "Wizard of Oz" theme and add a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion to the crew. Diamond FX metallics are great for a tin man look.

Airy Fairies  

Fantasy looks are hot this season, and styles that take their inspiration from fairy realms are especially popular. A fairy face starts with clean, natural skin as the canvas for your art. Most fairy designs emphasize the eyes with a theme that draws from nature's beauty. Gorgeous butterfly wings, autumn leaves or bird-like feathers are a perfect fit for fairyland eye and upper-face painting. Some fairies are sweet and pixie-like, like Tinkerbell and her friends. Others are wilder creatures that have more in common with woodland elves and should be painted in bolder tones. Rainbow face paint cakes come in coordinating colors that make design choices simpler. Try finishing with a color from our FAB Collection of glitter paints for that ethereal look. Any child will be thrilled to skip down the street with a bold pair of wings on their back and a face full of color.

Movie Makeup

The popularity of superhero films and fantasy in Hollywood right now are perfect for finding your face painting inspiration. Go back to green with Gamora from "Guardians of the Galaxy" or try blue with the Na'vi of "Avatar." Paint on Spiderman's distinctive red and blue mask. Pick any Joker from the original "Batman" TV series to Heath Ledger's memorable take on the villain. The trick to making movie face paint designs work is accuracy. Do plenty of research on the look until you know you can reproduce it well enough for people to recognize it.

What are your Halloween costume plans this year? Do you have another great idea for face paint that we have not mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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