Monday, October 13, 2014

Zombie Skin For Face Painters

The monstrous success of “The Walking Dead” TV series has renewed interest in everything ghoulish. Zombie fans and their faint-hearted counterparts who look away when the undead dominate the TV screens both agree that believable portrayals of these grisly fictional characters have a lot to do with the enduring fascination. Zombie lore has been around since the early 1800s and zombie makeup can make any outfit into the perfect scary Halloween look. This portrayal hinges on the expert application of quality cosmetics such as Zombie Skin to create realistic effects on normal skin.

Tools of the Trade

Zombie Skin is a latex-based formula blended with thickening agents. An appropriate amount of the Zombie Skin can be painted over with face paint such as the Glow in the Dark Fantasy FX to highlight the gruesomeness of zombified skin.

It is also possible to create cringe-inducing wounds by adding Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel to the areas of zombified skin. Goo is applied on a part of the body and smoothed over with the applicator until the edges are about even with real skin. A thicker mound of the material is allowed to dry, after which it may be peeled, ripped or cut open depending on the desired effect.

Tips and Tricks

To make believable cuts oozing with blood, apply Zombie Skin as discussed above. Use a dull knife to cut through the dried-up mound, and push the edges of the tear haphazardly. Apply any number of wound enhancers, including Ben Nye Fresh Scab or Mehron Stage Blood.

Vary the size of the wounds, and ensure that the placement makes sense. A little knowledge of human anatomy and physiology helps: Head wounds bleed more than wounds on other body parts for instance.

Zombie Skin can also be used to create pasties to cover up body parts. Using sturdy paper towel, cut out a rough circle larger than the body part that will be covered. Apply an appropriate amount on the area before attaching the circle of paper towel. Cover paper towel with more zombie skin and smooth over with an applicator before applying the right paint colors. This technique can be used for making breast pasties, one-eyed monsters and brow-less albinos.

Zombie skin will stick to the surface where it is placed. If you are covering eyebrows or creating wounds around the eye, be sure to add something between the zombie skin and your eyelid or eyebrow hair to ensure easy and painless removal.

Easy on, Easy Off

Zombie Skin is easy to apply. It is a quick drying formula, which means that face paint artists need to work quickly to create the shapes and patterns needed, but it is also very forgiving. If you make a mistake, peel it off carefully, and start over. You can also repair or refresh existing special effects with Zombie Skin.

With Halloween just around the corner, practice your zombification skills with Zombie Skin and the wide selection of face and special effects paints available on Jest Paint

Quick Zombie Skin Tutorial by Jest Paint

For this crazy character we actually wadded up tissue paper to give her a bigger nose and brow bone and then covered it with Zombie Skin. 

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