Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Apply Metallic Foil Tattoos

Metallic tattoos are sweeping the nation. They can be a fun addition to any face painter's kit, or they can be a unique way to spruce up your look at a holiday party or at the beach as an alternative to traditional jewelry. Add some glam to poolside attire or some pizzazz to a cocktail dress for an upcoming holiday party or wedding. Flash tattoos have been making a splash at music festivals and events due to their durability and shimmering beauty. You can even turn a tee shirt into an outfit with beautiful skin accessories.

If you are looking for some lovely ways to jazz up your skin for both formal and informal events, you should consider temporary metallic foil tattoos. These tattoos are designed to mimic elegant and exotic jewelry and are excellent ways to showcase your great taste and personal style. The tattoos feature gold and silver foils that can be made even more beautiful when combined with colorful temporary tattoo inks. Our metallic foil tattoos utilize safe pigments so you can feel comfortable using them on all skin types.

Styles and Designs

JestPaint offers several different tattoo styles. Both bracelets and necklaces are widely popular and will go well with a variety of clothing items. Shell necklaces, rectangular necklaces and four-petal rose necklaces create a sophisticated bohemian chic look. Geometric and honeycomb bracelets, are crafted to fit neatly around the wrists, however we have seen them worn down the hands or neck to create a beautifully intricate straight line. A broad array of stand-alone tattoos are also available. Butterfly and leafy tattoos might be used to show off your love of nature for an earthy glam look.

Application and Removal

The metallic foil tattoos are quite easy to apply to the skin. After you've cut around the tattoo as close to the border as possible and removed the protecting film, it should be placed on the skin face down and held in its target location for 30 seconds with a damp cloth. Oils and other lubricants should be completely removed from the skin so the tattoo can adhere properly.  Metallic tattoos will last for nearly a week if they are not exposed to lotions, oils or soaps. They can be easily removed with the application of baby oil or olive oil and a bit of scrubbing.

Watch this video for step by steps:


JestPaint uses only products that are completely safe for the skin. Though our metallic tattoos are not toxic, they should not be placed too close to the eyes.

Usage with Other JestPaint Products

Flash tattoos can be combined with other JestPaint products to achieve that glamorous appearance you're looking for. Our temporary tattoo inks offer a chance to create gemstones alongside the gold and silver of your necklace or bracelet. Hand glitter tattoos can also take your personal style to the next level with a glittery henna style. Your friends and family are sure to be thrilled with the results when you join them at the pool, beach or local concert in the weeks ahead.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Three fun animal themed face painting looks

One of the most fun aspects of face painting is that it allows you to completely transform into something else for the day. With face painting, you can even temporarily become a member of the animal kingdom. Many animal looks can be applied simply and quickly, using just a few colors. Animal themed faced painting gives an artist plenty of creative leeway, and you can apply paint to your subject’s entire face, or an animal look can often be achieved with the application of just a few facial highlights. These looks are a huge crowd pleaser for any professional face painter or a fun idea for a kid’s birthday or Halloween party.


Rainbow cakes will help you make fast multicolored tigers. Make sure those stripes go from thin to thick and all aim in towards the center of the face between the eyes. 
One of the simplest ways to save time while creating a tiger look is to use a stencil. Using an airbrush or sponging, Kool Kat Stencil Eyes comes in three pieces, and you can use all three or achieve a half-face look with a single stencil piece. Your tigers will shimmer with the addition of glitter on the finished design or by using a metallic paint, like Global Pearl Colors as a base.


Butterflies are a popular choice among ladies of every age, and the winged beauties are a fun option  Try adding texture with TAP Face Painting Stencils. You can combine your stencils with rainbow cakes with a variety of coordinating colors as well as black paint and white glitter for the accents. Simply swipe the rainbow cake with a sponge and all the intricate colors will appear in just one stroke.
because they can be nearly any color and size. Butterfly patterns can take up a subject’s entire face or applied just around the eyes. For face painters on the go, a butterfly pattern can be achieved easily with the

Sea Monster

Knowing a good lizardy monster design will keep those little boys so happy. I use solid colors or one stroke cakes to make my scary little monsters. The TAP stencil Scales is perfect for adding scales to a lizard like monster. Here are some links to some youtube demo videos that I made showing how to do some wild beasts! One Stroke Green Monster Demo   Half Face Monster

No matter the occasion, animal themed face painting is enjoyable for all ages, and artists can create fun animal looks quickly and easily with just a few brush strokes and a little creativity. What are your favorite animal looks? Leave us a comment with your great ideas!