Monday, December 19, 2016

Comparing Rainbow Cake Sizes and Super Painting Tips!

Rainbow Cakes and One Strokes are magic in the face painting world. They allow us painters to cover large areas in a speedy amount of time by a stroke of a brush or by pouncing around with a sponge.  Rainbow cakes can assure that any face painter’s line is moving along in a timely fashion.  Large Rainbow cake can be used to cover a whole face for a design like a tiger and the smaller 1 Strokes can be used to create speedy crowns, rainbows and dolphins. They can also be used for full faces. All sizes have become a staple in many professional face painter’s kits.  They allow dramatic color, and coverage that blends together easily. Rainbow cakes can even take the guessing out of what colors might work well together.

Just like us, rainbow cakes come in different colors and sizes.  It is a good idea to be in the know about what you are getting. Our picture represents the different size containers available at Jest Paint so that you can see how they look side by side.

For 50 gram rainbow cakes, there are three different size containers that are most likely to be found.  Prisma from Mehron has a container that is the longest out of the three 50 gram containers and Silly Farm’s 50 gram container is the widest. Global’s 50 gram container is the most common size and is also used by TAG, Diamond FX, and Kryvaline. 50 gram rainbow cakes pair up great with sponges so you can pick up all of the colors at one time. If only wanting to use 2 or 3 colors out of the rainbow cake a flat 1” or a flat ¾” brush works great.

 Kryvaline and Cameleon also have 40 gram containers that are unique in size. They are a happy medium from your small standard 30 gram cake and large 50 gram cake. Splash Sponges by Jest Paint have the half-moon sponge that fits in the 40 gram container perfectly and is the best way to apply all of the colors at one time. 

30 gram rainbow cakes, also referred to as 1 strokes, Colorblocks, Arty Cakes or Fun Strokes, pair well with Kryvaline’s Small Never Stain black sponge. It works with a 1” or  ¾” flat or angled face paint brush. 30 gram 1 stroke cakes are great for doing fast rainbows across face or using the gradient effect to create full faced monsters and dragons! Check out our YouTube channel for demo videos!

The 10 gram container of rainbow cakes are what I would call fun sized. This size comes in the Global Fun Stroke Palette’s, Rainbow Splash and Rainbow Burst, which each includes 6 Global Mini Fun Strokes.  They are a little wider than a 30 gram container and shorter. Brushes or sponges used the long way seem to be the best fit.

Choose a sponge size based on how many colors you want to pick up, and go for it.   When a sponge is being used make sure the sponge is moist and the paint is creamy (a common mistake is using too much water) and sweep it from side to side across the cake to load up the sponge. When reloading the sponge with paint make sure to line up the colors to match what is already on the sponge.  Hold the cake so that any dripping paint will run down the color of the stripe, and not across the whole rainbow. 

When choosing a brush, do it based on how many colors of face paint you want to pick up. Use a wet brush that is not dripping water.  Load the brush by sweeping the bristles side to side.  If more water is needed just put the tiny tip of the brush in the water. You want the paint to be fully loaded, appearing wet and shiny, but not drippy. If colors start muddying up rinse the brush and repeat.

Thank for reading! I hope you found some good tips! 

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Submitted by Kristen Adams - A Jest Paint Pro!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tips for Using Large Rainbow Cakes

   This is Anna Wilinski reporting in with a ton of pictures of my face painted! This post will hopefully be a good one for those that are new to using rainbow cakes, and for those of you with some experience using them. All of the designs were done with Global Rainbow Cakes and used a slightly different technique for each so that you can create a variety of eye masks and full face designs with your rainbow cakes

   Starting with the green Everglades Monster, I kept the dark colors on the outside and the yellow in towards the center. I added a little yellow to help create the eyebrow arch and the eyelid highlights. 

   I did the same thing for the Kenya Fox's cheeks, but I flipped the sponge to make the ears. I also did a dark to light gradient down the nose.

   For the Caribbean Mask I flipped the sponge for the forehead area, and I pinched the sponge to make smaller bottom wings, and fanned it out a little for the upper wings.

  To create the Maui Mask, I held the sponge so that the gradient over the wings evolved around the upper eyelids. This showcases more of a rainbow effect over the eyes. 

   For the New Delhi Butterfly I held the sponge and fanned it across the top and bottom eye lid, with the wings meeting at the inner corners and outer corners of the eye.

 The French Quarter Mardi Gras Mask uses the same fanning technique, but includes a little sponge press in the middle of the forehead, and the wings connect up at the top of the bridge of the nose, making a full mask. 

   The Spain Cat was really easy, after sponging in a light yellow base in the middle, I just went around the edges keeping the darker colors on the outside of the face. The Mojave is like the Spain Cat in reverse, with the darker edges around the bottom half of the face. 

The Tibet Star Mask has three fans, without any flips of the sponge. 

For Provence, I used the Splash Pointed Petal Sponge to make these skinny wing sections with pointy tips. I squeezed the sides of the sponge to do the really skinny wings coming up and out from the sides of my eyes.  

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Palette Review


If you are looking for a vibrant palette of pressed powders to dress up your work look no further. Elisa Griffith, world renowned makeup artist, face artist and instructor created the Color Me Pro Palette. Elisa was born in Italy and is a proud mother of 3. Her work has been featured in The Southern Living Oklahoma Wedding Magazine 2015. Elisa chose her favorite most vibrant pressed powders and combined them in a perfect versatile palette. The Color Me Pro Palette contains 14 Matte and 16 Pearl colors; the combination of both matte and pearls makes it a great palette to have in a face painting or makeup kit. Matte colors include white, beige, grey, light pink, pink, red, yellow, light green, green, mustard, blue, purple, black and brown.  Pearl colors include white, silver, grey, black, light purple, light pink, dark pink, yellow, green, teal, light blue, dark blue, purple, orange, gold and brown.

The powders go on bright and glide on smooth and are great for blending and creating shadows. Pressed powders can be applied over white face paint to ensure a bright application that pops or pearls can be used over your matte face paints to jazz them up. Powders can help keep your design intact for prolong wear during hot summer days when working with sweaty kids.  The Color Me Pro Palette is also great for makeup lovers. The mixture of matte and pearls means you can make that dark luxurious smokey eye or a shimmery golden beach look. Beauty makeup, theater makeup, cosplay makeup, drag makeup or just everyday use, this palette has you covered.  When you are using the Color Me Pro Palette during face painting or to cover a large area I recommend using a smoothie blender to apply the pigments.  Smoothie blenders are able to pick up a lot of pigment for a heavier coverage.  For smaller jobs or when you are using powders as eye makeup the Royal petal brushes or other makeup brushes can be used to pick up the pigments.  Overall this palette is a great addition to any kit!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Looking for That Perfect Red, a Face Painters Dilemma

Have you purchased a variety of red face paints from different brands hoping to find that perfect red? I have, and I know how frustrating it can be to try to find one red that does everything I want. Here are some tips to help you understand why red is such a tricky color. 

Face paint companies produce reds in different shades, and some manufacturers have 2- 4 different kinds of red for you to choose from. Reds can be mixed with yellow, blue, violet, green and brown pigments to create a variety of reddish colors. They can also mix in a little white to make a lighter more pinker red. 
We all see colors a little differently so that complicates finding the perfect red based on other people's opinions. The most common observation is that a red is too orangey, too brownish or blue.
 If a red face paint is labeled Fire, in most cases it is a little more on the orange side. Cameleon Fire Red Face Paint is a good example of an orangey red.  If it is called Bruise,  Blood Red or Deep Red then it probably has a little blue or brown tint to it. 
You can mix white with your red paint to see if it turns pink or orange or magenta to get an even better idea of what pigments are in the base.

Global Body Art Red Face Paint is the red of my dreams because it seems to be a true red to me, and based on the feedback from tons of face painters, a lot of people see it as a true red as well. It is also easy to wash off most skin types.

Even though I love Global Red for face painting superheroes, flowers and the tops of rainbows, I like to have a deeper red in my kit as well for when I want to go really dark. My favorite for a bloody deep red is Paradise Red. I also like to darken my Global Red with green or brown for shading a bright red design, or adding a little blue and brown to make a bruise color.
We swatched all of the reds that we have on two different skin tones so that you can see how the hues in someone's skin can also affect the way the red face paint looks to the eye. Orangey reds will look even more orangey on darker skin, and can tend to fade into skin color. 
 Also remember that batches may vary, so you might have gotten Diamond FX Red a long time ago and it was very orangey, but you will see that it a really a nice deep red these days.
Feel free to email or call use to make sure that the batch of red we send to you is the one you are looking for.
                               Click here to see the top red face paints that we carry at Jest Paint.
Remember that Red Face Paint in general is very rich, so it is recommended not to use it on the eyelids. It can stain the thin skin and look a little scary after trying to wash it off.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Face Painting Designs

Christmas designs are easy with these face painting supplies!

If you are booked up for Breakfast with Santa events, City Tree lightings, company picnics for the holidays, or any other type of event where they want you to paint seasonal designs, here are some products that might help you make fast and fun works of art for the holidays! Please feel free to use the images provided for your design sheets. 


The Global Fun Stroke New Sahara is perfect for Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer cheek art, or as the trim for a full face reindeer or christmas bear design. The brown gradient will help you get an adorably shaded little critter, and all you will have to do is add a red nose and maybe an outline and     wreath.

The Global Fun Stroke Iceland is my go to for ice princesses and snowmen. I  use if for polar bear cheek art too. I just grab up the white and teal with a 1/2" brush for the snow men bodies and polar bear faces, and then I grab up the teal and dark blue for the hats, scarves etc. 

The Global Fun Stroke Borneo can help you create fast Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettia leaves, elf clothing and holly leaves.

TAG Magpie is a Black gradient, and it is my go to for one stroke penguins. Check out one of our past videos on how to use it to make them!

We also carry a variety of red and green christmas style rainbow cakes.
 Check out those face paint cakes here. TAG Christmas Sparkle ,  TAG Noche Buena , Kryvaline Flying Wing , Paradise Fluer , or our other blue gradients